Is it acceptable to go 4 or more days between kids’ baths?

Recently reading the April issue of Parents Magazine that I had missed, I discovered in the ‘Parents to Parents’ section, which is like letters to the editor with a fancy name, a letter from a woman in Illinois who had responded to a statement in which someone admitted that they only bathed their child every 72 hours by saying that at her house baths usually happened only once a week.

That is not enough!

She stated that she had 5 tiny children, I don’t know if she had quintuplets or what, but in my opinion, if you want to have kids, you need to be prepared to make sacrifices, especially for their health, and that includes making time to bathe them! I don’t care if it takes you hours, come up with a system: bathe them together, bathe them every 3 days with a fun bath in between (fun baths at our house involve just getting in the water and playing), skip dinner out, skip date night, turn off the tv, but get those kids a bath! Would you want to go a week without a shower? After 2 days, I know I feel disgusting! Not to mention you increase the possibility of yeast infections and other kinds of infections.

At our house, there may be stacks of dishes and my eyebrows may need a serious plucking, but I rest assured knowing my kids are clean, and that is important to me.

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