Should this post be titled ‘Teething Troubles’ or ‘When Babies Need The Most Comfort’?

My son is teething. I’ll admit, it’s not the most fun I’ve ever had with him, but is it trouble? Na.

No matter how much I’d rather just run away when the kids are vomiting, or get annoyed enough for a little separation time in the Pack-N-Play when the toddler is fussy, a little voice speaks up in the back of my mind saying, “He needs you now. He needs your comfort, your love and understanding. So give it.”


Photo by photosavvy via photopin

When my kids were infants, it seemed easier to give the time and effort to the fussiness, whether it was teething or gas, because back then it was part of the regular routine. Back then I guess I was all ready in the mind-set. I was used to all ready giving up hours on end to nursing, burping, and just holding the baby, what was a little more when when he was fussy? Now that my son is almost 1 1/2 and generally a happy guy, teething fussiness can become overwhelming at most, and annoying at the least. But I try to remind myself that a year ago, there were days when I didn’t have time to wash the dishes, and I couldn’t even get a half hour block for a shower or to throw dinner together because I was willing to respond to the fussiness. He still deserves that patience, probably more so now that he’s a toddler. Being older doesn’t make the teething pain diminish, nor does it make being held onto less comforting. So, listen to the gentle voice in the back of your mind and pick that baby up. Give him what he needs, and you’ll find you get what you need too, in more ways than one.

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