Issy Stapleton and Autistic Victim Blaming

This is a heart wrenching reminder that people intentionally do bad things, and there are things we can do about them. Change our minds! This little girl’s mother is not the victim and should not be tried as such, she should be tried as a mother who attempted to murder her daughter. My thoughts are with Issy, may she be able to somehow rise above this.

Nature in the City

I have some news concerning the van, different projects, and some home school stuff, but today wont be about that.

Today I’m blogging for attempted murder victim Issy Stapleton.

When parents kill, or attempt to kill their children, there is justifiable outrage. Parents should want the best for their children and do their best to love, provide for, and cherish them. We also know it doesn’t always happen, and those a child counts on for care are capable of abuse, neglect, and murder.

I think of children lost to neglect and murder.
I think of Caylee Anthony, I think Zara Baker, I think of, most recently, the Jones children.

Then there are the autistic children.

I think of Alex Spourdalakis.

Alex S with no hype

I think of Jude Mirra.


I think of Issy Stapleton.


In all three cases, their mothers decided for themselves their lives had no value. Unlike Alex and Jude, Issy Stapleton…

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