Lessons With Technology. Reflections, Week 14

Here’s the latest post from my homeschooling blog. I felt that it translated far enough into general parenting to be put up here as well.

Seed To Seedling

There’s something about this time of the year that calls me to the couch in front of the tv. I find myself also putting on extra shows for Elizabeth in the morning, a movie to watch together in the evening, and iPad time in the afternoon so that I can have a moment of relative peace. This week was no different, and that iPad showed it’s face for or after every school lesson I think.  Yet, the lessons learned with it were numerous, and at this age, life-long, as weighted as that sounds.

image My pumpkin picture with the iPhone. Sorry again, this iPad takes TERRIBLE pictures!

First off, and most importantly, the iPad lessons began with trust. A few months ago, I had downloaded a few apps in Spanish and English, mostly about the ABC’s, as that is the center of our learning right now. My intention was to use…

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