Natural Highs

When I was in high school, I went on a church outing with my cousin to Baptist Bible College (BBC) and came home with a magazine.  Now I could not say what magazine it was, but it had the most extraordinary list in it, something that I would pull out time and again, add to and take away from, and that seriously impacted my life in a most positive way.

I don’t recall much about the page the list was on, except that it was called ‘Natural Highs’ and had a list that had been made up of things that could make a college student happy without drugs, aka: a natural high.  Even as a  young teenager, I had rejected the idea of drugs, but I was interested in making life the most fun that it could possibly be – without partying or getting into trouble.  That’s not to say that I have never had alcohol in my life, but I think that immersing myself in the amazingness of life and all there is to behold in this world, and also surrounding myself with things that inspire – such as quotes, reading material, yoga, healthy food, healthy relationships, varied interests, and some amazing adventures – is the ultimate in life.  By thinking this way, I have always strived to find my own ‘Natural Highs’ and to try to live life to the fullest.  Now, at 33, there are few things in my past that I regret, neither that I did nor that I did not do, and find that even when things don’t work out, I still don’t regret the decisions that I made to get to that point, rather, I learn from my situations/mistakes and move on.

So, what is this mysterious list?  In all honesty, I’ve finally misplaced it.  I can’t believe it either!  I am sure that under no circumstances would I ever have trashed or recycled it – I can still see it in my mind’s eye – but after several moves and year-long periods of life in which I gave it little thought, I just don’t know where I hid it away.  I did set myself on a hunt for it a few weeks ago, and coming up empty handed, thought that I’d give it a go to see if I could find it on the internet though I felt that finding it was really a long shot.  Amazingly, I did find it – on the first try – the very first page that I opened!  I thought that not only was it lucky that I had found it at all, but now I have the author to this list which was most influential in my life, and I am even luckier for having misplaced my hard copy.

It turns out that Becca of Becca’s Cyber Home was the original author of the list, though the list that I had copied had been edited to be appropriate in a Christian magazine.  Here’s a sampling of her list:

“Laughing so hard your face hurts…Clean sheets…Hugging a big teddy bear…Walking out of your last final…A chocolate milkshake…A bubble bath…Being in love…Being told you did an excellent job by your peers…Sledding during a fresh snowfall…”


Fresh snowfall

I loved this list and spent years trying to do many of the things on the it (like sledding during a fresh snowfall), or noticing and appreciating situations when the activities occurred (like drinking a chocolate milkshake).  I also added some of my own to my printed off list, and disregarded some of the originals as things I wasn’t interested in (like tailgating).  I can’t remember now many of the ones that I edited in, except for ‘cows’ and ‘the sun,’ but I can think of a few new ones now that I’m older.  Here’s a sampling off of my own new list:


Snap dragon

Dancing to loud music

When peace reigns at home

An hour-long phone conversation

Having someone do something for me that will help me out, just because

Little kisses

Horseback riding

An entire conversation in toddler gibberish

Pushing the ‘Publish’ button on my blog

Guiding my daughter through a homeschool activity, and then having it come up again somehow in her free play


Autumn trail

Singing loudly in the car

Speaking two languages at home

1,000 mile trips

Using all of my senses when out birding in nature

Working on my book

Day dreaming

This is not even close to all of the natural highs in my life or that are possible in life, just a sampling of things that are important to me and prominent right now.  Check out Becca’s original list at Becca’s Cyber Home.

Share your thoughts:  What are some Natural Highs in your life right now?

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