A Thoughtful Sister

We were all in the basement today, which is finished and has a second living room, the washing machine, Paul’s bedroom, and a fourth bedroom that I am planning to clean out this summer so that I can shift Elizabeth down there and turn her bedroom into a playroom and school space.  Chepe also has his garden seeds started and they reside near the basement door.  The kids love to go help water them.

Today, I was vacuuming and Chepe was putzing around, and I hear him say, “Hija, no echas agua a Paul,” which translates into, “Daughter,  don’t spray Paul.”

Her reply is,”I’m watering him so he can grow.”

Well, that’s honorable enough.

3 responses to “A Thoughtful Sister

    • I know, and it seems like both of my kids keep coming out with the funniest things each day. Maybe it’s because my son is a toddler and new words come out everyday, so I’m in hyper-listening mode to catch each thing! I love the things kids say though!

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