we are in the Cenozoic Era,013

Quaternary Period,

Holocene Epoch

2nd millennium after Christ,

the age of technology,

nothing special,

global warming and revolution.

In terms of evolutionary time,

my life is short –

90 years isn’t even on the record,

and I am all ready 22.

I feel an urgency,

like I haven’t the time to waste

on things of unimportance.

I’m sorry if you don’t fit in.

I’ve got to keep moving,

to make myself rich

with life and experiences

and people that push me forward always.

Don’t take offense

if I seem to not have room for you,

I just haven’t the time

for things that keep me stationary,

in altered states,

or just along for the ride.

I’ve only got 70 more years left,

life is short and passing quickly,

it is, after all, all ready the Cenozoic Era.


This is one of my favorite poems I’ve ever written, which was 11 years ago – now I’m 33 (all double the same # – 11, 22, 33!).¬† I hope that you liked it.

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