A Natural Consequence

Paul had a run-in with a natural consequence yesterday.

We were outside in the driveway, which is a circle and has some lovely maples, shagbark hickories, and basswoods in it, and looks not much different from the woods that surround it.  He had ridden the Yamaha Strider bike up to the part near the road and I had followed, then I urged him to head back towards the house.  As he is undoubtedly going through the terrible two’s, he got off the bike and had me took his helmet off, then looked at me very mischievously before ripping off a basswood leaf and popping it into his mouth.  That would have been good enough for me, I don’t think basswoods are toxic, but he spit it out, and then spit something else out into his fingers – a little spider with a gold butt!

Now, Paul is going through a fearful stage right now as well, as things like dinosaurs chasing characters on tv and growling sisters scare him, he is also fearful of spiders and bugs (it’s possibly hereditary because I have a real phobia of spiders!).  So he whined at the spider on his finger and shook it off, then he continued to whine at the fact that he had had a spider in his mouth, and did for quite a while.  I didn’t say this, but I think he got what he deserved, and hopefully, he won’t put leaves into his mouth without inspecting them first from now on!


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