“I Cut Off Your Leg and Blood Spurts Out:” How Play Fighting Does More Than Teach Violence

Here’s my latest post on my homeschooling blog, Seed To Seedling. I thought that the theme was broad enough to post it onto Seedling as well. Share your thoughts on whether you agree or disagree. 🙂

Seed To Seedling

I am not violent.  Contrary to what you are probably starting to think, while growing up, I would avoid conflict at almost any cost, though I’ve gotten better about standing up for myself as I have gotten older.  Peace is my New Year’s resolution every January, and movies over a G-rating get pre-viewed before my 5-year-old watches them.  So, where does the violence come from in her play fighting?  I don’t know exactly, but as I watch and listen to my daughter lately, it has left me thinking.

No doubt, we are going through some tough times right now as a family: my husband moved out in July to another state and I have started working part-time, either dropping the kids off at our (wonderful) sitter’s or dragging them along with me.  Our personal stress levels have risen, not only for me, but also for my two children, 5 and 2, and it…

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