Treat Your Children as You Wish to be Treated

I know I lose my temper some times.  The funny thing is that before children, I never lost my temper, and when I rarely did, I recall doing it only with myself, over some stupid thing that I forgot or messed up.  But now, I know that, though I don’t lose my temper daily, I do weekly – or more than.

Ugh, it is hard raising children, and having more than one demanding this and that left and right, and not listening on purpose, and getting into everything, and blahdie blahdie blahdie – if I were dealing with adults this would get old really fast.  But I’m not, yet even so, I remind myself when I lose my temper and yell or say inappropriate things, or things in inappropriate manners, that I would never treat another adult that way, and thus should not treat my children that way.

lady with boyJust because it is our job to guide our children as they grow, doesn’t mean that we need to treat them differently than we would treat anyone else.  Children deserve respect – actually of all people, I think that the only ones that are deserving in this world of anything are the children: innocent, pure, just beginning their lives – and as such learning from us.  If we treat them with less than respect, then we teach them that that behavior is ok; and how then can we expect any other behavior to be displayed by them in return?

It has been said for many generations that the measure of a “man” (or  nowadays, a person) is how they treat their inferiors, and that phrase is just as poignant today as one hundred years ago; I think that how a person treats a child says a lot about who they are.

As parents, we all have our bad days, as employees, we all have our bad days as well.  We are all capable of making mistakes no matter what we are doing, but let us also parent with intention to treat our children as we would co-workers – or even bosses!  I’m not saying that we need to follow our children’s beck and orders, but we should treat them with respect if we wish to be treated with respect in return and if we wish them to grow into individuals who show respect to others we share this Earth with.  “Treat others as you wish to be treated” is as pertinent for parents dealing with their kids as it is between children in school and co-workers in the work place.


So treat your children as you wish to be treated, though the results may seem obscure today, in the long-run, you are doing not only yourself a favor, but also our society, and most importantly, your child.


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Lady and boy laughing by: Daniel Horacio Agostini.

Happy family by: Army Medicine.

2 responses to “Treat Your Children as You Wish to be Treated

  1. Gabrielle, those are such nice thoughts. When we dig deeper, we find that what really makes us lose our temper is not our kids but ourselves. Few days ago, I mentioned on my blog Scott Noelle’s work, it is excellent if you had not read it. He also mentions reading Byron Katie’s Loving what is and the Work. There, she has a discipline of 4 questions. Say, when we judge our children (or anyone for that matter), that they “are not listening on purpose” or something else, we ask the 4 questions:
    1. Is that true?
    2. How can be certain that it is true?
    3. How does this thought make us feel?
    4. What would we be without this thought?
    After we give ourselves some time to answer these questions, we turn it around: Am I mad at myself because I am not listening on purpose? Most of the times, it may end up being exactly that!!
    So in essence, if we dig into the roots, and practice, we discover that acceptance comes naturally and we start treating children or others with complete love and acceptance without even thinking.
    Thank you for posting these thoughts, they are very helpful, and have a great parenting day. 🙂

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    • Thanks for the comment! I love the 4 questions to ask ourselves. It always helps to step back and look at things from a different perspective. Thank you, and have a great parenting day too! 🙂


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