I am Worthy of Having Joy in my Life

018This can be easy to forget – especially when something hard is going on.  But the thing is that even if you are suffering from cancer, have had a close loved one pass away recently, are going through a divorce, or living off of food stamps and welfare, you are still worthy of having joy in your life.  Having bad moments doesn’t mean that happiness doesn’t belong to you.

I am having a bad moment right now, in all actuality, I ought to be laying on the floor having a panic attack – and should have been having one for the past 5 months or so, but instead, I have held onto my tranquility and kept that panic at bay.  Actually, I have done more than kept that panic at bay, I have allowed myself to be happy and joyful even though not everything has gone the way I had planned.

I look around sometimes and I can see that there are people who do not let themselves experience joy at all, as though they do think themselves unworthy of it, as though they think that they are not allowed because there is something else that is disrupting it, but it is a mental block – and an untrue one at that.  Allowing yourself joy doesn’t mean putting off things that you ought to, nor does it mean spending money or time carelessly, nor does it mean that the joy needs to come from someone or something outside of yourself.  It does mean allowing joy to creep into your heart, and allowing yourself to have moments (or hours, or days!) of happiness even when not everything is going 100%; because the honest truth is that not everything will go 100% one hundred percent of the time – it rarely does.

229So, today, allow yourself joy, you ARE worthy of happiness, no matter what else is going on in your life.  Let the light shine and grab onto the good stuff!

Writing prompt: Repeat after me: I am worthy of having joy in my life.  I am worthy of having joy in my life.  I am worthy of having joy in my life.  Now, write about what joy the world is lucky enough to have you possess.  Don’t forget to link back!

2 responses to “I am Worthy of Having Joy in my Life

  1. You are so right, but it is so hard some days with all the responsibilities we all take on. So often I feel guilty for doing something that would really only benefit myself. Even just sitting in the bedroom reading while the kids play happily on their own. There is always work to be done. I am reading the latest book by Gretchen Rubin right now and am working on better habits for myself 🙂 It is incredibly important !

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