The first step is dreaming, because if you never dream it up, it will never become.  If you never concoct the idea, it will never become reality.

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Dreaming can take many forms, lets talk about night dreams first.  Begin by allowing yourself to get enough sleep hours at night to arrive to dreams.  In my experience, if you regularly don’t sleep long enough, you sleep ‘hard and fast,’ but if you allow yourself 8-9 hours of rest a night, you sleep ‘slowly and gently,’ which allows yourself the chance to get past your body’s necessary regeneration and physical healing, and gives your mind the opportunity to deal with emotional baggage, as well as creating interesting, and often times fun, stories.

While we do dream throughout the night, I find that if I am able, waking up slowly allows me the chance to become aware of my last dream of the morning in a lucid way.  If I have no where to go, I then like to lie in bed and try to remember as much as possible about my dreams.  Some people like to write theirs down, I would suggest a short pause to remember as many details as you possibly can before you reach for your pen, which you might akin to cramming for a test, before the dream fades away.

Remembering your dreams can be a lot of fun, and sometimes what you dream up can surprise you.  It can also be very useful, I’ve had some very interesting ideas born from night dreams – including the YA novel I am currently working on – so writing them down is always worth a try.  If nothing else, dreaming can be fun; I recall that when I was in high school, I would intentionally go to bed at 10pm every night, because if I did not, I wouldn’t dream, and I thought dreaming was too much fun to miss!  🙂

“You say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.  I hope some day you’ll join us.  And the world will live as one.”

~John Lennon

Writing prompt: Keep a notebook and pen by your bed this week.  Go to bed early to sleep ‘slowly and gently.’ Record any dreams you can remember in the morning as soon as  you awaken.  If you post about it, don’t forget to link back!



Disclaimer!!!!  These are my personal thoughts written to inspire you based on my own personal experiences and observations, but are never meant to replace the advice of a legit doctor or psychologist.  PLEASE – seek the help of a professional if you need it.

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