Listen To Me Now

-Warning- This post does contain strong language

I’m feeling oppressed – in more areas than one lately: between a bad day/number of days at work, a trying number of months with the difficulty of figuring out what course to take with my life, and some woman I didn’t even know feeling that she needed to make unnecessary offhand remarks about my parenting while I was sitting right there this evening. Thus, I’m digging out some old poetry from college, when I always felt strong and motivated. I made a copy to hang on my wall next to my bed.



So, first you wake me up,

then you attack me through the phone,

saying you think my

ideals and aspirations

are unreal.

Well fuck your traditionalism,

and fuck your narrow mind,

because I do understand reality –

maybe more than you –

yet I still believe small acts accomplish large feats

by building upon the previous

one at a time.

I don’t appreciate the strike

even though you insist you want to hear my side,

and I don’t believe you’ve really listened

to one word I’ve said all this time.

So, if you hear one thing,

listen to me now:

this is why I came here,

this is where I am going;

I won’t let you hold me back.

I will not stop for you

as I would not stop before,

I will dare to ignite the change I wish to see,

I will be all that I wish to be.

I will move forward on my own,

you’re welcome to follow if you wish.



~For all the Toms (the guy who called and woke me up): past present, and future

Share your thoughts: What do you think of those balls? Not those ones! My guts, my words, do you thing I’ve got it? Can I do it? Get your mind out of the gutter, sheesh.

4 responses to “Listen To Me Now

  1. You can do, Gabrielle. You can do whatever your heart tells you. What another person says, it is just their story. Nothing to do with you. That is what they carry. You can take it in your hands, like a book, look at it, you can even examine it, browse through it, but you do not have to read it or believe it. In fact, we can even get to the point when every story someone throws on us just makes us laugh, like a comedy film, and thus, we don;t even need to fight it anymore, to defend or resist, just accept that everyone can believe whatever they want, and laugh. Wishing you a good laughing day. 🙂

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    • Thanks! I’ve been contemplating my strong-willedness, and that of my daughter, and how I have this almost unnatural obsession that if someone judges me or tells me I can’t do something, I feel compelled to do the opposite. In parenting a strong-willed child, we all know it can be difficult, but it’s also sweet because I hope that I can nourish that will so that she can become her own best cheerleader and motivator.
      Thanks for the comment, and for stopping by!

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  2. This was great. Also… I don’t know if it was intentional, but the length of the lines of the poetry made me think I ocean waves. Powerful waves that can’t be stopped.

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