Snow on the Daffodils

It’s April 9, and it’s snowing right now.  The weather was so mild all winter and in the upper 60’s few weeks ago that it seems impossible that this frozen stuff could be falling from the sky again.  In large amounts.  And sticking.

My mind wonders, ‘What about the daffodils?  They were blooming.  What about the tulips?  The leaves were shooting up.  What about the maples that had begun flowering?  Will all of these flowers die?’

140But another voice in my head soothes that Spring knows what she is doing.  Interestingly, the daffodil blooms are still open and alive, even if laying upon the ground.  Buds are still holding their lips tightly closed until the days warm again.  Spring is not entirely about the temperature, but also about day length, the intensity of the sun, and the thawing of the soil.

My life too is like this spring day:  someone broke into my house on Easter night and attacked me.  That someone was Chepe.  I’ve not been posting because I don’t know what to say.  I don’t know how much to divulge.  I don’t know how much I want to divulge.  I don’t want to hurt my children.  All I know is that I’m scared that if he gets out of jail he will come back and try to finish what he failed to accomplish the other night.

So, it is snowing in my life right now, on top of the blooms.  And boy do I have blooms!  I am still alive, I have my wonderful children, no one was physically hurt to a degree of needing hospitalization, my family has surrounded me in a most beautiful way, and my friends have as well.


Spring knows what she’s doing.  She won’t let those blooms pass on unnoticed, she won’t let the maple perish from a few days of cold.  She is resilient, and from that I gather comfort and strength.

Today, it may be snowy, but I don’t mind.

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