What did you tend to, make, and read today?

One of my favorite book series is ‘The Books of Pellinor’ by Alison Croggon. In this series, the Bards, or those with 6th dimensional powers, are most talented in, and thus study, one of three schools of the arts: the art of tending, the art of making, or the art of reading. If you think about it, these three schools of thought govern all of our daily life, positively or negatively depending on whether they are neglected or tended to. Personally, I love the concept and with some art supplies from my kids’ craft closet made myself a little sign to hang in the bathroom to remind myself to tend to all three arts daily. I like to think of it as the art of tending to life and find that if I focus on one aspect too much too often, life feels unbalanced.

Tending growing things

Growing green things, like this garlic

In the books, the art of tending is the art of animal husbandry and growing green things. It would also be the art of reparation of anything, such as your house, your car, remoldeling old furnature, repairing clothes as people would have in the old days, and fixing things up. I recently read an article in Reader’s Digest about a tattoo artist who helps people hide or distort offensive tattoos (such as from gang life) because they have left that life behind and need to move on. Both the tattoo artist and the recipients are tending to something. For me, I also like to think of it as tending to things that need to be done. I would much rather sit and daydream and write the day away, but that stack of dirty clothes needs to be washed. By tackling it, I feel I have accomplished my task of tending for the day. Overall, I think of it as the art of taking care of things.

Creating vegan meals

Creating vegan meals

The art of making involves creating something new. Creative expression takes on many forms, including but not limited to: cooking and baking, drawing and painting, writing, scrapbooking, home interior design, knitting and crocheting, photography, wine and beer crafting, or remodeling cars. Creative expression can take on many forms and I think it is the school I would have entered if I had been a Bard in the books. It can also be the hardest item to fit into our daily lives of being overworked and having to take care of the long list of things that need to be addressed. Yet creating something – anything – leaves the soul satisfied that it is able to express it’s deepest truths.

The last is the art of reading. This involves, well, reading, but also the art of learning. This school governs academic learning and the sharing of knowledge. The art of reading doesn’t have to exclude cultures that do not have a written language as it can include oral traditions. As an avid learner and an obsessive reader (I involuntarily read cereal boxes and things like that), I am also strongly tied to the art of reading. Those that are not thrilled with learning in an institution are by no means left out, it is possible – and strongly encouraged at my house – to learn by experience and trial and error. The art of reading involves learning the why’s and how’s for the sake of knowing. Einstein would have been someone who had strength in the art of reading though he was investigating physics.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence.”

~Albert Einstein

Every day, for a balanced life, it becomes us to strive to tend to something, to make something, and to read something. It doesn’t have to be complicated. By reaching these simple goals each day, we make our lives richer and help to push ourselves to our highest potential.

“I’m learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.”

~Eartha Kitt

I know that when it is time for my tombstone to be set, I want mine to say that I lived my life to the fullest.

Well, I am off to tend to the things I need to tend to. What did you tend to, make, and read today? Share your thoughts.

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