Time to Decide: Does it Support or Distort You?

There are people out there who meddle just for meddling’s sake. People who try to empty your cup just for the sake of being mean. Actually, going back into the workforce has proved to me that there are A LOT of people out there trying to do this. These are people who live with a negative mind-set. People so insecure that they hide under a shadow of mean-ness. They cause trouble for others so that they can get a moment of satisfaction in making someone else’s life miserable just like their’s.

Our responses to people like this shows our own true character. Choosing to retaliate shows that you are just as shallow and simple-minded.  Choosing to retaliate also often back-fires and causes double the problems for the original recipient. Choosing to move onward in the adversity they throw your way shows resilience and impedes them from being able to get to you. If you stay your course, often-times they will forget about trying to meddle in your affairs because you are not an interesting target.

It is in these circumstances that we also need to decide if we are in a place that supports us or distorts us. Many times it is necessary to address the issue and move forward. Sometimes it is the indication that you are in a toxic relationship or situation and it would be best to move on to something else. Only you know.

Listen to your heart, choose peace, and meddle not in other’s affairs.

Share your thoughts: How have you reacted when other’s have meddled negatively in your affairs? What was the result?

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